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The contribution from Jien for clean energy of Offshore wind power
      Offshore wind power is developing rapidly in China. Under the background that the world’s offshore wind power has begun to enter a large-scale development stage, the construction of China’s offshore wind farms has also kicked off early.The year of 2021 is the 1st year of the National Development "14th Five-Year Plan". The National "14th Five-Year Plan" has issued a development outline for energy construction "Accelerate the development of non-fossil energy, adhere to the simultaneous development of centralized and distributed energy, vigorously increase the scale of wind power and photovoltaic power, accelerate the development of distributed energy in the eastern and central regions, and orderly develop offshore wind power". Offshore wind power has been regarded as the main direction from non-fossil energy development in the "14th Five-Year Plan". Driven by the "dual carbon" goal of carbon neutrality and carbon peak,the offshore wind power industry has also ushered in a golden period of rapid development, and the submarine cable industry, known as the "pulse" of offshore wind power, has also entered the fast lane of development. According to the National Energy Administration's "14th Five-Year Plan", the total increase in offshore wind power is expected to reach 42.5 GW, which will continue to drive demand for submarine cables.
      In this context, the submarine cable business of Jiangxi Jien Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is also showing explosive growth in this year, continuing to contribute to the clients, such as Yuanjiang Chaixiazhou Wind Farm Project, Putian Power Supply of State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd., the Three Gorges H7 project, the Three Gorges H10 project, and the Huaneng Dalian Zhuanghe Offshore Wind Farm IV1 project.
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