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Jiangxi Jien Submarine Cable Co., Ltd. Officially Renamed, Joining Hands to Create an Excellent Future

  We are pleased to announce that Jiangxi Jien Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has officially been renamed as Jiangxi Jien Submarine Cable Co., Ltd. This renaming signifies a significant step in our company's business strategy and development direction.

  We solemnly pledge that despite the change in company name, we will continue to uphold the principles of "customer-centricity" and "quality first," providing our customers with outstanding services as always. The management team and staff of the company will relentlessly strive to ensure the smooth flow of production processes, meeting the growing demands of our customers.

  Once again, we express our gratitude for your support and trust in Jiangxi Jien Submarine Cable Co., Ltd. We look forward to joining hands with you in this new chapter, collectively creating a bright and promising future.