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Branch cable

Rated voltage of 0.6/1KV copper core plastic insulated prefabricated branch cable


  Rated voltage of 0.6/1KV copper core plastic insulated prefabricated branch cable can be widely used in residential, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, factories and distribution system. The main cable conductor without joints, branch cable conductor connector has reasonable structure, very low contact resistance, is not affected by the heat expansion and cold contraction. And has excellent earthquake resistance, air tightness and good water resistance, can the normal power supply in a humid environment, also can be in the open air and buried. Covers an area of the construction area is small, which is conductive to the effective use of the construction area, convenient and simple to install.

  Product implementation of the enterprise standard Q/320282GAD13, the standard reference using the GB12706 and JISC2810 standards.

  The cable conductor allowable working temperature for a long time: XLPE insulated PVC insulated 70 DEG and 90 DEG C.

  The cable conductor allowable short-circuit temperature: XLPE insulated 250 DEG C, the duration of no more than 5 seconds.

  PVC insulated 160 DEG C, the duration of no more than 5 seconds.

  Flame retardant type cable can effectively prevent the spread of flame; low smoke and no halogen cable does not produce toxic gases when burned, produce only a small amount of smoke; fire resistance cable can be at the temperature of 750-800 DEG C (or 950-1000 DEG C) flame conditions, can maintain the normal operation of the 90min

  Prefabricated branch cable structure

  The standard main cable and the branch cable to its types are corresponding to the materials for insulation and sheath, low voltage power cable made reference to IEC, GB, JIS standard. General main cable is core of single core or wring type (two core and five core cable), branch cable with single core cable. The structure characteristics are as follows:

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  Construction method for laying prefabricated branch cable cases

  Prefabricated branch cable in vertical installation, the general should be carried out according to the following methods of laying:

  1, the cable tray placed on the wire rack (usually cable tray in the downstairs, the cable pulling up).

  2, by lifting rope is connected by a winding machine and cable.

  3, the startup winding machine cable lifting up.

  4, enhance the use cable sleeve net get to the roof, will net cover hanging in a prepared the hook.

  5, the middle part is fixed on the.

  6, branch cable end and the current meter is connected or cutout.

  7, the main cable connection.

  Prefabricated branch cable laying the matters needing attention

  1, confirm the prefabricated branch cable is safe through the through hole.

  2, adopt precautionary measures to prevent the process of ascension, branch in the through hole damage.

  3, in the process of ascension do not exert tension on the branch line.

  4, the use of the weight of the cable is more than 4 times the strength of lifting rope.

  5, cable hoisting finished, should immediately to be fixed in a proper way, so as to avoid falling damaged cable.

  Installation illustration prefabricated branch cable

  Branch cable notice

  Please provide the following information when ordering:

  Power and distribution mode 1, system diagram, power distribution system.

  2, main cable type, specification and length.

  3, branch cable type, specification and length.

  4, the laying of cable, from the ground to pull, or from the roof down.

  5, whether to need to cable end processing.

  6, other attachment name, model, specification and quantity

  7, provide engineering drawings.

  The advantages of prefabricated branch cable

  1, with excellent power supply reliability

  (1) main cable conductor connector, good continuity, reduce fault.

  (2) prefabricated branch cable connector using the factory full mechanization production, greatly reduced the quality of instability caused by man-made factors.

  (3) the branch joint structure is reasonable and the introduction of Japan's advanced production process, very low contact resistance, is not affected by the heat expansion and cold contraction.

  (4) the branch joint forming is completed in a short time, avoiding joint copper conductor long time exposure produces air oxidation and the contact resistance change caused.

  2, can significantly reduce the distribution cost

  (1) than with the bus slot, the engineering cost can be reduced, and the technical and economic index is high, the prominent economic benefits.

  3, many different specifications, the selection is flexible, any combination of

  (1) main cable from 10 mm 2 ~630 mm 2, branch cable from 6 mm 2 ~400 mm 2 arbitrary combination.

  (2) cable more varieties, mainly FZ-VV, FZ-ZR-VV, FZ-NH-VV, FZ-YJV, FZ-ZR-YJV, FZ-NH-YJV, FZ-WL-ZR-YJE, FZ-DL-NH-YJV and so on, can choose according to need.

  (3) the branch joint can freely set the branch position according to the floor need.

  4, low environment requirement, convenient construction and installation

  (1) occupied building area is small, which is conductive to the effective use of the construction area, low requirements on space dimension civil engineering.

  (2) the use of low environmental requirements, requirement of the installation precision is low.

  (3) simple and convenient installation, installation and technical requirements are not high, the installation equipment is a winding machine can, and short installation period, installation time for busbar only 5%-10% installation, low labor intensity.

  (4) due to bending radius of cable is small, greatly reducing the installation difficulty, reducing the space dimension.

  5, good shock resistance, air tightness, water resistance and fire resistance

  (1) excellent earthquake resistance, general mechanical connection bus slot joint, joint occurrence of loosening in wall motion, and the prefabricated branch cable is not affected. Especially, do not need any measures in through the building settlement joint at.

  (2) air tightness and good water resistance, can run normally in a humid environment, also can be in the open air and buried.

  Using "prefabricated branch cable NH", can be in the event of fire, the normal power supply to maintain the operation of 90min.

  6, maintenance free

  (1) prefabricated branch cable according to the specified installation method, the disposable opening rate is high.

  (2) prefabricated branch cable system normal operation usually do not need maintenance.

  Cable model and name

Model  Name 
YFD-VV Copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed prefabricated branch cable 
YFD-ZR-VV Copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flame-retardant prefabricated branch cable 
YFD-NH-VV Copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed fire resisting prefabricated branch cable 
YFD-YJV Copper conductor XLPE insulated PVC sheathed prefabricated branch cable 
YFD-ZR-YJV Copper conductor XLPE insulated PVC sheathed flame-retardant prefabricated branch cable 
YFD-NH-YJV Copper conductor XLPE insulated PVC sheathed fire resisting prefabricated branch cable 
YFD-WL-ZR-YJE Copper conductor XLPE insulated polyolefine sheathed low-fume-no-halogen flame-retardant prefabricated branch cable 
YFD-DL-NH-YJE Copper conductor XLPE insulated polyolefine sheathed low-fume-no-halogen fire resisting prefabricated branch cable 
YFDN-VV Copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed stranded prefabricated branch cable 
YFDN-ZR-VV Copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flame-retardant stranded prefabricated branch cable 
YFDN-NH-VV Copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed fire resisting stranded prefabricated branch cable 
YFDN-YJV Copper conductor XLPE insulated PVC sheathed stranded prefabricated branch cable 
YFDN-ZR-YJV Copper conductor XLPE insulated PVC sheathed flame-retardant stranded prefabricated branch cable 
YFDN-NH-YJV Copper conductor XLPE insulated PVC sheathed fire resisting stranded prefabricated branch cable 
YFDN-WL-ZR-YJE Copper conductor XLPE insulated polyolefine sheathed low-fume-no-halogen flame-retardant stranded prefabricated branch cable 
YFDN-DL-NH-YJV Copper conductor XLPE insulated polyolefine sheathed low-fume-no-halogen fire resisting stranded prefabricated branch cable