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Branch cable

YFD series of branch cable shunting system


  Branch cable is in a few advanced industrial countries in the late 90's power system was successfully developed a new generation of the low voltage power supply line system. It has the advantages of safe and reliable power supply, the use of low cost, simple installation, environmental requirements low, maintenance free, so it has been widely popularization and application.

  According to the reform and development prospect of the branch cable and power industry, the factory has hired senior engineers, experts, under the guidance of their, absorb foreign advanced technology, summed up the advanced experience at home, developed a branch cable.

  YFD branch cable due to the reasonable structure, advanced technology, strict testing, the quality of the products in the same industry leading level, and can be widely used in power distribution system of residential, high-rise office buildings, tunnels, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, also can used for the main rod line lighting system branch line requirements (runway highways, bridges, tunnels and airport).

  YFD series branch cable

  The main characteristics of YFD series branch cable

  1, insulation resistance than 200M omega.

  2, insulation is more than or equal to 3.5KV/5min.

  3, cable allowed working temperature of 70 DEG C crosslinking combined can reach 90 deg..

  4, flame retardant type branch cable sheath self extinguishing time is less than or equal to 12S; to meet the requirements of GB12666.5.

  5, refractory type in addition to the normal working conditions of power supply, also can maintain the normal operation of 90min in fire situations; meet the requirements of GB12666.6.

  In 6, with excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to corrosion of inorganic salt, oil, alkali, acid and organic solvents on the.

  Excellent thermal stability and resistance to aging, crosslinked branch cable has 7.

  Installation overview YFD series branch cable

  Advantages of YFD series branch cable

  (a) has excellent power supply reliability

  1, main cable conductor without joints, good continuity, reduce fault.

  2, the branch joint all use of mechanized production, so the joint connection of good quality very low contact resistance, are not influenced by thermal expansion and contraction.

  3, the branch joint complete sheath in a short period of time, avoid the contact joint copper conductor exposed oxidation in the air and the contact resistance change caused.

  (two) significantly reduce distribution costs

  1, and wire trough conveyor electric compared, the engineering cost can be reduced, and the technical and economic indicator, the prominent economic benefits.

  2, in accordance with the design requirements, to within a certain length no contact branch.

  (three) of different specifications, the selection is flexible, any combination of

  1, the main cable from 10 mm 2 to 500 mm 2, using 2 to 240 mm 2 mm from 10 arbitrary combinations of branch cable.

  2, cable varieties, VV, ZR-VV, NH-VV, YJV, ZR-JV, NH-YJV etc. can choose according to need.

  3, the branch joint according to the tunnel floor, fork in the road, highway street lamps need arbitrary set the branch position.

  (four) the installation of low environment requirement, convenient construction

  1, on the civil space size is not required, the floor space is small, simple and convenient installation, the installation of small labor intensity.

  2, according to the load requirements, length of branch, reduce the switching line box, lighting branch wire can be directly laid, can reduce the bracket of a class of objects, reducing investment.

  3, can use suspension method of laying branch point, the conductor is directly connected to the load distribution cabinet (box).

  4, can work in harsh environments, and can meet the requirements of fire retardant, fire resistant.

  5, since the branch line of small bending radius, reducing installation difficulty and the cost of materials, but also reducing the space dimension.