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Third place in professional skills competition
DATE:2020-09-10 CLICK:
      In order to test the results of quality improvement in the Jiangxi province, mobilize cable practitioners to carry out job training, promote the enthusiasm of learning technology and tempering skills, create a platform for unit employees to display their talents, and promote the construction of skilled talent teams, Jiangxi Cable Association and Jiangxi Quality Inspection The relevant competent departments such as the Academy jointly organized and held the first "Yueguang Cup" Cable Industry Professional Skills Competition in Jiangxi Cable Industry.
      Jiangxi Jien Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. signed up to participate in the competition. Before the game, contestants were selected and actively prepared for the game; during the game, with the experience gained in actual production, facing the high standards and strict requirements of the game, withstanding the pressure, fully displaying their own abilities, with the efforts of the Jien people, they finally won The third place in the competition; after the game, while being proud of the Jien people, they also know that the responsibility is great. We will continue to uphold the value orientation of the Jinn people, unite and work hard, and move forward courageously.
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